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Builders’ cleans, for first impression that counts

Either is about a big building site, either is about a small one, First Cleaning Solutions can be there to help you in cleaning up after builders. Not that is their fault, is jut that the nature of this work it makes leaves behind a mess, a rough and moulded site. Builders are not cleaners, aren’t they? They are doing what they have been asked for, and they are doing well. The cleaning up must be left to the owner of the contracting of that work. But what if the owner doesn’t have the time or the acknowledgement of such sometime overwhelming job? For this, always there is a cleaning company specialised in doing so. And we like to think we can do this job for you very well.

We can clean large building sites with on-going works or building in process. The offices of engineers and any other dependence for builder workers need to be clean everyday. As well we can clean building sites already finished or being in that stage as only the buildings (interiors) needs to be sorted before it will be ready to be handed over to its future occupants (clients), who are anxiously wait to move in. But first impression counts as it is not nice (or even contractual accordingly) to move in a house full of dirtiness and mould.

So any other situations, like your plumber has done his job but has created another job, and this is the cleaning up after him, we can be there to help you out.

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